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Why Hire The Robert R. Hemphill Co.

I am dedicated to representing the interest of my clients.  My experience, professionalism and dedication to see a job  done right  are my most important credentials. 


A building's lease agent (whether the owner's employee or a real estate brokerage firm) is trained to represent and negotiate the most favorable lease terms possible on behalf of the landlord.  Every tenant should utilize the same type of professional representation  through a broker who is experienced in representing the interest of tenants in lease negotiations.  

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The Robert R. Hemphill Co. has full time real estate professionals that specialize in the office building leasing, sales, and management.  We are not a department.  We are a company dedicated to represent the best interest of our clients.  Our experience, depth of professional people and dedication to see that the job is done right the first time are our most important credentials.  We have leased thousands of square feet of office space and established a reputation in the marketplace that is best described in a single word: Performance.

Market Knowledge

We are familiar with all market conditions, buildings, trends and landlords because we work the market daily.  Our perspective of changes in price, management capabilities, transportation systems, life support systems, floor efficiencies, etc. is invaluable when negotiating with the landlord.  We negotiate thousands of square feet of office leases each year.  Landlords deal with us over and over and over again.  In effect, we are "wholesale dealers" who talk the same language as the landlord and deal with them constantly. As a result, we get straight answers. 

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Time Savings


With full information on the entire marketplace at our fingertips, we can professionally assist clients in defining requirements establishing meaningful parameters.  With this information we then make a total analysis of the marketplace in much less time and with much more accuracy than a tenant can do in on his own. 

The Robert R. Hemphill Co, as your exclusive broker, will act as a clearing point for each building's leasing agent in gathering and qualifying information on every building.  This relieves the tenant from having to spend time listening to each building's "pitch" or spending wasteful time on the telephone discussing unimportant details.  We will qualify the building, the landlord, the management, all basic terms offered for each building, etc. and prepare a detailed comparative analysis of each for the tenant's review.


We act as a buffer for tenants who do business with more than one landlord or developer in order to preserve the tenant's business relationships and allow an impartial third party (the broker) to negotiate on behalf of the tenant, without favoritism.  We are also able to to concentrate on the business points of the deal and rate priorities of the tenant on an absolutely impartial basis. The broker further buffers the tenant from the potential of being influenced by emotional influences due to the personality of the landlord's leasing agent or the "sizzle" created by the building's presentation or marketing center.  We already know each leasing agent's personality and have heard his "pitch" because we deal with these buildings constantly.  Our ability to buffer the tenant and act as an unemotional third party in negotiations is invaluable.

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Cost Savings


Today, every lender financing a major office building requires the developer to include real estate commissions as part of the soft costs in their buildings.  Commissions are a real cost of doing business and are treated no differently than architectural fees, landscaping fees, management fees, etc.  The lender requires that all of these costs be included in the pro forma rental rate to be achieved for the building.  Leasing commissions allocated within the pro forma will be paid to either: 1) the leasing agent who represents the interests of the landlord, 2) the broker who represents the interest of a tenant, or 3) directly to the bottom line profit of the developer. 


 Our services are provided at no cost to you.  Leasing commissions will be paid by building owners because the lenders have already allocated the fees and because the broker provides a valuable service to the landlord.  In essence, leasing commissions are paid in advance in the financing package for the building and each tenant should take advantage of securing the professional representation of an experienced and qualified broker. 

Analysis of Data

We will analyze and compare all buildings on an "apple to apples" basis including such issues as square footage measurements, rental rates, the measurement of utilities, tenant finish work letters, escalation clauses, etc.

For example: Square footage can be quoted as gross, net rentable, rentable, single tenant rentable, multi-tenant rentable, net usable, usable.  RRCo will establish a uniform method of measurement for the tenant's space and make sure each building makes its proposal on the same basis of measurement.

A second example:  Each building bases its work letter and tenant construction allowances on a wide variety of differing ratios and methods of space measurements. Our experience in negotiating the work letter as a separate instrument to the lease agreement will assure the tenant of getting the most value for each dollar.  In addition, we can often assist in structuring additional financing for improvements on behalf of the tenant.

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austin development



The entire staff at The Robert R. Hemphill Co. are committed to providing it's clients with the most professional and qualified real estate service possible.  Tenants have the security and confidence that this representation and back-up support will professionally handle your real estate business, while your work continues uninterrupted.  To a real estate broker, reputation is critical, to a company it is everything.  The Robert R. Hemphill Co. wants to represent you in your real estate needs.

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