The experience of 35 years in commercial real estate gives us a unique position as diverse as Austin itself. 


Office leasing is the bread and butter of our business. The medical/dental field is a highly specialized area of practice.  The RRHCo has many satisfied clients from all fields.

The slides are of a dental condominium brokered in 2005.  

6500 MoPac Expy Office/Medical
Rowe Lane Self-Storage


Another ground break to finish out project that RRHCo helped to complete.  It was the second such facility endeavor that RRHCo was involved in in 2007.

Industrial Leasing

The Central Freight lease closed in 2014.  It's a 24 acre site with 200,000 sq.ft main building with dock high loading.  There is also a repair shop and a surface level loading building.

8601 Tuscany Way - Industrial
105 South Blair - Investment Sales

Investment Sales

The principles of PCpartpicker.com needed a unique facility to accommodate their business that included high ceilings for photography and office spaces.  The RRHCo negotiated the deal in 2017 in which the previous owner leased back a portion of the building allowing PCpartpicker.com to have income as well as accommodate their growing business.