The lease is crucial to the value of your investment.  We want to maximize your property's potential - That's why "We Lease Austin".

12012 Technology Dr.

Done in 2007 - 5 year deal on 7000 SF

A property's lease is the key financial building block for income properties.  The quality of your tenants and the structure of your leases determines how the financial footings of your building  will stand up.  In a "tenant's market", positioning a building to stand out among its competitors is crucial.  That's why an agent's  ability to listen, think quickly, and sell to the needs of the prospect make the difference.  


~We maximize the value of your investment ~

Leasing services include:

  • Market analysis and research
  • Construction allowances
  • Tenant improvements
  • Rent escalations
  • Medical leasing
  • Owner and tenant representation 


1300 West Lynn, Suite 108

Austin, TX 78703



1300 West Lynn Street, Suite 108

Austin, TX 78703


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